Create a healthy morning routine!!  Every new day brings a battle with the alarm and snooze button. It’s time for a better morning routine! Start by assessing your current mornings. Ask yourself how you would like to feel in the morning. Maybe more energized, more productive, or calmer? Next reflect on what might be getting in the way. Is it reaching for your phone as soon as you open your eyes? Then set your phone with music that makes you want to move! Finally imagine what activities might foster your desired morning state: perhaps it’s swapping your Instagram scrolling for a morning jog, 15-minute walks are huge health boosters. Can walk out into your yard and enjoy soft early morning sound; or just checking out your neighborhood. Or if not action based in mornings, journaling for 10 minutes with your favorite beverage about positive happy remembering. Once you’ve determined what you’d like your mornings to include makes a new routine appealing, that way you’ll actually stick with it! The point is to plan a new routine. ~pa’ris’ha

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