I loved the ancestral stories of the Celtic side of my Father. He was known for his ways with nature and told of the present sleeping dragons in our Sacred Mountains. After the first twenty years of my life with my Mother’s People, the Cherokee, I was intrigued by many of the same perspectives they both shared of nature. The Celtic Storyteller shared that every warrior born was given a dragon as their life’s companion and in times of challenge they show themselves! That when we are challenged and fear creeps in, it is the dragon that rises to the challenge and our fears are resolved. That we have the power of the Dragon and that Thunder is the sound of our power. Lightning is present when our connection is made and that wind is us on its back and flying, that the fire is the purifier. As he spoke, visions of his words walked through my mind! I knew that I could make life as powerfully beautiful as his stories. So I often ponder on the Dragon that showed up that day, and yes my successes have come. To the unknowing and dull sighted ones this is just a study.. Yes, but..

– pa’ris’ha

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