200 Nations Will Come Together for The Unifying of Human Consciousness

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World Parliament on Spirituality is one special speaker’s platform created with a single aim: Awakening the Unconditional Unity Consciousness

Continent Five – WPS – Africa is scheduled online on 9-13 Dec 2020. The last four from Australia, Europe, South America, and North America have proven to be platforms for profound sharing.  Register now for the wisdom of the 5th continent!  And if you know a speaker from Africa that you think might want to share, tell them to register on the website.

Once again the indomitable human spirit has risen to the challenge of overcoming great odds, making possible the impossible. Despite the worst disaster faced by mankind in decades, a deadly virus threatening lives on every continent, a powerful movement toward global unity is underway. This year marks the third in which hundreds of thousands of citizens from across the globe will come together for a common purpose, the unification and upliftment of human consciousness.

To learn more about the 3rd World Parliament on Spirituality happening October 5th to December 23rd, go here: https://theworldunited.org/


The 3rd World Parliament on Spirituality Africa Begins ONLINE December 9th

In the past, the World Parliament on Spirituality was held at The World United headquarters in Hyderabad, India, where international speakers and spiritual leaders gathered to impart their wisdom. This year, due to social distancing it will be held online, allowing for exponential growth in attendance. Scheduled to kick off October 5th in Australia, the event will continue to unfold for two months, featuring speakers from Australia, Europe, South America, North America, Africa and Asia. Event organizers expect it to conclude on a high note on December 21st, with 100 million people in a focused meditation for unity and peace.

Join us for the 3rd World Parliament on Spirituality NA: https://theworldunited.org/

Unity of Humankind is the Solution

This year’s World Parliament on Spirituality promises to be mind-changing and world-transforming with presentations from highly accredited thought leaders in the fields of spirituality, health, education, child development and family well-being. Over 1,000 spiritual leaders from 200 nations covering 6 continents will reach billions. Only through unity can we be triumphant in overcoming the challenges we face and assure health, wealth and happiness for all.

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