In my childhood days in North Carolina’s forest, I learned more in those short childhood years in Nature that the following 60 years could ever compete with. Not university, nor life experience. The answers were all there! It’s so true that those early nine years of our life determines how we see things from that point for the rest of our lives.

My Grandmother was a Cherokee Elder of great wisdom and cared for me as a child. She said little but taught so much to me. The Forest was my classroom and Nature was my major, the creatures were family and never harmed us. Each had respect for each other. As I left the Homelands and walked in the many directions of my life, I still find nothing has proven more than what was there in those mountains and Forest. None of the sciences or research I did showed nothing more then what I already knew. What I teach and share today is to go to Nature to learn and heal. Discover your true self in the relations you call animals and learn how you must open the lines for yourself to hear how the trees and all of Nature communicate.

But first, you must return to the child you once were. The child that saw wonders and explored and believed in the unseen by most. Then only will your heart open again and take you to the true reality of life! My Grandmother would always be there when I returned, and say welcome home, even after she went to Spirit. No matter the years and the changes of progress, the Black Bears of my childhood find me and walk a while with me to assure me it’s all still there.

– pa’ris’ha

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