When I was much younger and unaware, I was always asking for something, my hand was out, hoping someone would put money into it. I never had much, in fact I was considered poor by many. My Spiritual Mother asked me to assist her and I said I couldn’t. She offered me tea and we sat for a while. She asked how I was doing. I emptied out my tale of woe. Then she asked me how many times do people come to me with their hand out and I put nothing in? How many times do you have people ask for your assistance and you never have time, yet you have nothing to do? She said, “Petka, until you put something into another’s hand when asking you will not get anything either. When you ask for assistance and no one offers that will not change until you do.” She then hugged me and left me sitting with her words. So, I changed, people asked I gave what I had, I assisted with all who asked of me. I started feeling good about myself and life. I have become very wealthy. I give generously and love assisting others to learn. What I know is, do as you ask of others and in generosity you measure your return.

 – Petka, a very wise person

~ pa’ris’ha


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