The everlasting child within each of us is always bonding with our power and keeping all aspects of our life needs be in “come-front”, facing our dragons and holding truth, be truthful to thy self!!

Would like you to be more aware to what “come-front” effects and where to use it.

Use it in everything!!! When feel neg or resistant or when recognize old patterns in self and others. When you feel someone is casting an old pattern, confront means you speak to it!! Not blaming or making excuses simply say I just felt an old past reaction to what just took place, then speak what your reaction was from your reaction.

Allows the other person to recognize their own role and to understand how you react to it. In most cases people do things to cause neg reaction from others it’s how to abuse and create neg stuff. Remember abused become abusers and this way you all can see where past experience tries to run over your intelligence!

Come-front self-destructive and neg states immediately in self-awareness and work through it, DO NOT LET PASS!!! It goes into cellular fixes if not stopped!!!

~ Pa’Ris’Ha

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